The name of the Club shall be “Kaiapoi Netball Club Incorporated” and is hereafter referred to as The Club.


The registered office shall be such a place or places as determined by the committee.


The committee shall be responsible for ensuring job descriptions, rules, constitutions and club information is provided to all new members / officers of The Club for promoting the Objects of The Club.

(a) From time to time contribute to any charitable, non–profit group, a sum that shall be determined by the committee. (b) Develop training sessions for playing, coaching and umpiring netball.

(c) Promote the health and safety of all participants in netball by adhering to the health and safety Rules as set by North Canterbury Netball Centre Inc.

(d) To share information in a timely manner by ensuring minutes are sent out to the Committee within seven days after a meeting. Club newsletters, to all members, are distributed as required. Information portfolios, including Team Lists and Coaches Newsletter, to be distributed to Coaches prior to the team’s first training night.


(a) Nomination of Service Awards and Life Membership to be put forward in writing to the committee along with a brief resume of the nominee.

(b) Nominations require a seconder.

(c) Nominations need to be received by the secretary before the end of October.

(d) The committee shall decide when the presentations shall be made.


(a) Any member/officer wishing to resign needs to notify of intent in writing/email to the administrator/secretary.

(b) Any member/officer who will not be seeking re-election need to notify of intent by the end of October


(a) A registered member of The Club cannot register or play for any other club/entity in North Canterbury.

(b) Any registered player wishing to transfer during the season must first resign from The Club and return ALL gear.

(c) The Club shall ensure all gear is returned and fees paid to date before release.


(a) The club must, in collecting personal information for the Register, quote the Privacy Statement on the bottom of all forms in compliance with the Privacy Act 2020.

(b) Any personal information collected must be kept secure and may be retained for seven (7) years.

(c) Only the President or Administrator/Secretary may register or deregister a player for the Kaiapoi Netball Club.


Considerations of misconduct and discipline shall comply with rule 8 of the constitution and be within the boundaries of the objects of the Club. A Sub Committee of at least three committee members shall be elected at the beginning of each season. One of these members may be an independent mediator.

(a) Every endeavour shall be made for mutual remedial action that will respect the privacy of the member and the Club.

(b) The member concerned shall have the right to make a submission and have a support person present.

(c) The submission shall be heard by the subcommittee elected at the beginning of the season.

(d) If the member concerned does not respond to written notice as in Rule 8.3 of the constitution, the committee may terminate membership under rule 8.2.


All members shall pay an annual subscription which shall be determined each year by the Club as soon as possible after the North Canterbury Netball Annual General Meeting. Fee structure shall be made available at the beginning of each season to allow parents to be aware of where subs are allocated for the current season.

(a) Subscriptions are due 25th April. A 10% penalty shall be added if not paid by the due date.

(b) From time to time other fees may be payable as set down by the committee.

(c) Nothing herein contained or implied shall relieve any member from liability to pay or shall prevent the committee from terminating memberships for non-payment.


(a) The committee shall form a subcommittee to carry out specific projects. All sub committees shall report to the general meetings and such reports shall be incorporated in the minutes.

(b) Other reports to be incorporated in the minutes shall be – Finance, President Comments if any, Club Captain Updates, Umpires Delegate.

(c) Coaches are entitled to copies of the minutes of general meetings and shall be made available on request.

(d) The committee shall set down a place of meeting for general meetings at the beginning of the season.


Refer to Rule 20 Constitution and Club Uniform Photos as appendix for current Club uniforms.

(a) The Club will charge a bond for uniform items which may be refundable at the end of the season when the uniform is returned on time, clean and undamaged.

(b) Loss or damage to equipment shall be dealt with at the committee’s discretion.

(c) Dress code – Tops to be worn over top of skirts, Socks should clearly cover ankles.

- Navy / Black knickers.

- White socks

- Navy and Yellow dress (Grade Teams as available)

- Navy and Yellow Top

- Navy Skirt - Plain Navy Thermal acceptable


12.1a A team – All team fines, issued by North Canterbury Netball are the responsibility of the team and must be paid promptly by the team to The Club

12.1b A player–Any individual fines, issued by North Canterbury Netball are the responsibility of the player and must be paid promptly by the player to The Club.

12.1c A Coach/Manager or Umpire – All fines incurred as a result of the coach or manager, issued by North Canterbury Netball are the responsibility of the coach/manager and must be paid promptly by the coach, manager or Umpire to The Club.

The Club will then pay North Canterbury Netball Centre.


(a) (i) No team is to apply for Pub Charity or other Grant Funding for its own use, this funding is only applicable for the Club as a unit.

(ii) Teams can fundraise or secure sponsorship for equipment and or clothing but must first notify the committee of its intention to do so.

(iii) Any Teams securing independent funds/sponsorship shall pay a set fee of 10% (up to $500) and 20% (from $501) to The Club.

(b) Selectors to be elected at the first meeting of the new season. Selectors cannot be involved in selecting teams involving family members, due to the conflict that may arise. Selectors shall select preferably no more than eight (8) players per team. The selected teams shall be final and any changes to be discussed in committee.

(c) It is an expectation of The Club that all players 14yrs and Coaches shall sit their Junior Theory Exam with the assistance of qualified umpire rules evening.

(d) Players who do not turn up for practice with either no or late explanation shall not automatically have the right to play on a Saturday and may be stood down for the entire game – see player agreement forms.

(e) Court time – Many contributing factors are involved with player court time. It is expected that players are given fair court time through the season, this is at individual coach’s discretion and does not include semis and finals where court time is up to individual coaches.

(f) If you are unable to train/play due to injury, a player clearance must be obtained by a health provider and then sighted by your manager or coach prior resuming playing.

(g) It is preferable that all club teams practice together.

(h) No late registrations shall be accepted after registration unless a space becomes available.


(a) The Club shall be responsible for having all trophies engraved each year.

(b) The player holding any trophy shall keep it in good order. Any damages, losses, if necessary, shall be charged to the player.

(c) All trophies remain property of The Club at all time

(d) Trophies must be returned to the Club at least 30 days prior to the last playing game for the grade.

(e) The donors of all trophies will be invited to present their trophies each year.

(f) All teams are to have a professional photo taken at a date set annually by the club. The Club will retain a copy of each photo for memorabilia.


(a) The club rules can only be added or repealed by resolution of a two-thirds majority vote of those entitled to vote at a Committee Meeting.

(b) Notice of intention to alter the Club Rules to members of the Club shall be included in business at the Annual General Meeting. Alterations to be sent to members as per Rule 9.3 of the Constitution.


Any dispute arising out of the interpretation of the Club Rules or any matter arising which is not provided for in the Club Rules shall be referred to committee whose decision is final and binding.


Job Descriptions

Club Uniform Photos

Trophies List